Fancy spending New Year's Eve with the Family? 

Hello Darlings! 

Yes that's right, this New Year's Eve could be the glittery, fabulous extravaganza of your dreams. After having SUCH FUN! playing Kendal Calling this summer, those marvellous people have booked us to add a little sparkle to their first ever New Year's Eve party. It's going to be magnificent - come and join us! It won't be the same without you...


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We're going on TOUR!!! 

DARLINGS! We have NEWS! Yes it's official - this November we are going on tour round Germany and the UK with our lovely friends Arkells. Some of you might have seen us supporting them at Dingwalls this summer and you'll know what an incredible - and LOUD - show we put on. I've never fallen in love with a band as hard as I fell in love with these guys and we can't wait to share a whole tour with them. So come and see us and share our excitement! All the details, including links to get tickets of your very own, are on our Shows page. 


New solo acoustic single from Felix 

Hey Darlings! Good news/bad news time. The bad news is that my two beautiful acoustic guitars were pinched out of my car by some desperate soul. This isn't enormously helpful as you can imagine. And now I really, really need to get some new ones for all the gigs and recordings we have coming up and DAMN those things are expensive. But now the good news! In order to raise money I have decided to release Your Fanatic / Songs in the Dark as a single -  two solo songs that have never been commercially available before. If you like them, and you get a kick out of being a massive legend, then please buy them. I love you all. 

F xx

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Previous events

Wilderness Festival (Felix Solo)

Wilderness Festival, Oxford

I (Felix) will be playing a ton of songs on the Folk Barn stage of the beautiful Wilderness Festival in Oxford. I'll be performing as part of the Front Room Songs lineup. This will be ace. Come.


Live at the Monarch

The Monarch, Chalk Farm Road, Camden

We're coming back to our favourite venue in the world to go nuts and have fun. We're headlining, with support coming from the majestic Cable Street Collective and the peerless Harry Harris. This will be special and you are ordered to attend.

Raise The Roof Festival (Felix Solo)

Bombed Out Church, Berry Street, Liverpool

I (Felix) will be performing a solo gig in one of the most unique and beautiful venues in the UK, Liverpool's Bombed Out Church. I'm on at 5pm. They've built an artificial roof. Just so we can blow it off. Come!

Felix Hagan & The Family

The Hanwell Hootie, Hanwell, London

We're returning to one of our favourite little festivals in beautiful Hanwell in London. Free music in small venues all through the town. It's ace. Come.