Tour Diary - Day Two

Brighton – Nardia & Elly’s House
Having crammed ourselves full of cereal and coffee, we shot out of my parents’ house in the New Forest and hit the road for Brighton. Crawling along the A-roads of southern England we debriefed, debated and dissected our various musical endeavours, extolled the virtues of the great Lionel Bart and the golden age of musical theatre. The first nice bits of press are starting to drift in about the tour from the Yorshire Times and our old friend Chimeo Music, and our egos swelled as we guzzled up the miles. We finally pulled into a beautifully sunny Brighton for our house date with Nardia and Elly.

This will never stop feeling good
Elly first came to my attention when she sent me a beautiful lyric painting she had done of the lyrics to my song Best Thing Ever, and she was kind enough to send it to me printed on a phone case that I still carry about with tremendous smugness. She and Nardia have since been stalwart attendees of some of our more raucous evenings of music and it was a bloody treat to go and play for them.

How Cool???
They had a devised an evening of gaming and food, and we set to our Cards Against Humanity with ice-breaking gusto. I have never eaten so many crisps in my life. Crisps were everywhere. It was a whirlwind of carbs.
Next up was Drawful (I won), Fibbage (I drew) and Singstar (everyone lost).
Music! Louis was up first, and in the pursuit of variety delivered an entirely different setlist from his gargantuan back catalogue. I do love a gig when there’s a very real chance that someone might get kicked in the face. We were treated to more songs from his upcoming musical, and I am getting more and more excited by what promises to be a wonderful piece of work. As I mentioned, we’re both very much cast in the Lionel Bart mould rather than the more elegant but infinitely less charming Sondheim one. And Louis’ musical theatre brain is going off like a thunderbolt.

Next up was a friend of the hosts, Chloe. She is the leader of the band Or So She Said, and delivered a small selection from their awesome oeuvre. Check them out HERE. I’ll have the end bit of “Free From This” stuck in my brain for ages.

Chloe - Class. Definitely stealing a few chords from her. 

 My set ended up lasting a couple of hours. The setlist was rapidly discarded as I made my way through the various requests, fumbling to remember the chords to the Jesus food fight video song, and various other half-forgotten fellas in the back of my musical cupboard. And then like all great rock shows, it dissolved into an S Club 7 retrospective. The emotions on display ran the gamut from sour, wincing torment (Louis) to joyous, whooping elation (everyone else). Good old S Club.
Time for more carbs, and pizza, pasta and garlic bread was swiftly delivered by a very diligent Nardia. We sat up and talked into the night, sharing our stories and having a lovely time. Eventually, our bodies filled with wheat, we collapsed in bed at 2. Bloody wonderful.

Thanks Nardia & Elly! Next stop: SURREY. 

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