Tour Diary - Day Five

Norwich - Abbie & George's House
Norwich! Home of an empty football stadium, a lot of hills and a pub full of wondrously-haircutted muscle boys, as we discovered on our impromptu tour of the place. There is also a takeaway called “Mr. Burger Mr. Pizza”. Nice to see those two have reconciled their differences and opened a shop together.
I’d spent the morning helping my brother shift popcorn machines around Fulham. He, amongst many entrepreneurial ventures, is the impresario behind Shepstone’s Popcorn, the machines in pubs that dispense delicious fresh hot popcorn goodness into the gleeful mouths of London. Go and eat it. It’s fucking ace.

Find this. Eat his delicious wares. 
Louis arrived and we shot off for the motorway and Norwich. I had no inclination at all of just how far away that place is. Thousands of miles! The country yawned open before us and we ploughed in.
Hours after hour of motorway later we pulled up at Abbie & George’s house.
We were met with hugs, gallons of squash and our old friend pizza. Abbie was full of fascinating tales of working at Harry Potter World (I obviously immediately began imagining what Felix Hagan World would look like, how much we would charge for admittance and whether we would ever see off those pesky Disney bastards). Did you know that Alan Rickman’s Snape wig was filled with purple and blue highlights to make it look blacker and greasier on film? And that he would remain in character all day until his costume was taken off?
NOW YOU DO!!!!!!
Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe has size six feet?
I was like an insane excitable child. Facts flew around, and it was all just bloody lovely, really.
Music! The whole merry band of us shot into the living room and got down to it. Louis started things off, and I was delighted to hear the shocked gasps and delighted laughter as this human firework went shooting off around the house. Yet more songs from the musical, and my Oliver Twist-raddled brain is squealing with anticipation of this thing taking shape and hitting the stage.

Louis Barabbas Presents: Advanced Cab Hailing

My turn. I was pretty damn nervous about this one. These folks have been fans for AGES, and were encyclopaedic on the lyrics to songs that I can barely remember sometimes. On this tour I have been playing loads of new stuff, including all the songs from our upcoming EP, and I suddenly was filled with huge anxiety that they wouldn’t like them… I’m edging more and more towards pop every time I write a song these days, and the top-hatted, showtuney days of the first album are edging into the distance. But the screaming need to entertain people is just as urgent as ever, so I was petrified the new stuff would be met with disappointment or worse… boredom.
Luckily I needn’t have worried. These people are beautiful and lovely, and they were full of delightful things to say about it all. Thank god.
Abbie graduated to top of the class when she requested a song from my old band that I haven’t played in years and years, which was a pleasure to dust off for the occasion. It’s called Cupid, and is a shameless bit of business from a thesaurus-chomping showoff. But the video was fun:

After that we sat up and chatted for ages, me spilling the grisly and salacious details behind a load of my lyrics (they asked me to do it, I promise. I’m not a monster), eating choc-ices and making friends. We sealed the deal by sitting down for Disney’s Hercules, putting the icing on an already psychopathically well-iced cake.
Not only did we have beds, but we had our own rooms! It’s like we were the fucking Beatles.
It was magic.
Thanks George and Abbie!

Next stop: LEEDS.
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